True or False, Issue 21: Lush with Awareness

sticker375x360-u2True or False

Issue 21: Lush with Awareness


1. There is no such thing as being overzealous in marketing.


Yes, there is such a thing as being overzealous in marketing. Some people, at an attempt at being seen, overuse what tools they have to market their book. This is done to a point where either the public gets tired of seeing them, or they lose all their focus on their writing just to market.
This, of course, is never good.
There should always be a fair balance between writing and marketing, particularly with indie authors. When that balance is thrown off, then production as a whole is unbalanced.

Learning the perfect harmony between the two is key to an authors success.

2. In a magazine, the featured articles typically get read the most.


While we all with that that was true, it isn’t necessarily the case. People have their favorite columns in their favorite magazines. Many times, that is read first and most. Feature articles are great, and at times the reading public is drawn to it just to see what they discover, but it isn’t always that way.

3. The more visually appealing the literature is, the more sales it will produce.


Sales are not produced by your capacity to write, but by the consumers desire to purchase. You can have the most beautifully depicted writing on earth, but unless the consumer is drawn to your book, you’re not going to make a sale.

4. Although it is great to have a supply of book on hand, there is not much gain between selling your book directly and selling it through a third party (Amazon, B&N, etc.).


In the market that we live in today, not everyone is inclined to buy a book of of you just because you have it on hand. To be co


mpletely honest, it can go both ways sometimes. Some people prefer to buy online because they think it’s easier, others prefer to buy direct because it’s on-hand. It really just depends on the consumer.

5. Paid support is more beneficial than free support.


Whoever believes that paid support is more beneficial is deeply mistaken. ANY SUPPORT, free included is important. That does not mean that I condone paid sponsorship or support, of course. Personally, I’m more of an advocate of free assistance. But, maybe that’s just me. LOL