Randomness in Writing, Issue 21: Lush with Awarenes

Randomness in Writing


By Carol Cassada


Authors Bringing Awareness

There’s a lot of issues plaguing our world. Social injustice, cancer, mental illness, domestic violence, and LGBT rights are just a few of the significant topics in our community.


These issues have been around for decades, but in recent years they’ve become widespread news. As these causes continue to grow, it’s important to bring awareness to the public. Everyone does their part to support these causes, including authors.


Now, you’re probably wondering how authors can spread awareness?

It’s simple.

Through their stories.


The number one way authors raise awareness is by writing a book or participating in an anthology with proceeds going to charity.

First off, let me say, I applaud these authors who donate the money to these causes.  It’s a financial struggle as an author, so donating the book’s proceeds shows the true character of these writers.


Donating money is wonderful, but the author’s real impact is with their words.


Most authors draw their writing inspiration from their real life. A few of them may have been directly affected or know someone who has been affect by these issues. That’s why they feel to need to help raise awareness and what better way than through their work.

Authors will share their experience through personal essays, poems, or a fictional story showcasing the character’s struggle. For some, it can be difficult sharing these aspects of their life. Authors sometimes prefer to keep their professional and personal lives separate. But if they feel that their own story could help someone, they’ll feel compelled to share.


People don’t understand how these issues affect our society. But reading about someone who’s faced an illness or discrimination, gives them a glimpse at the struggles others face. They’ll have a better understanding of why these issues are critical, it may even motivate them to help raise awareness.

Authors may not do much as opposed to an organization’s volunteers, but as society we all have to do our part to help spread awareness. So to all authors out there, I encourage you to do all you can to help raise awareness. You may not think your stories make a difference, but if you can reach one person, then that’s all that matters.