True of False Issue 20: Metempsychosis

Hi there! Welcome to this issue of True or False on All Authors Magazine. Please, come in, make yourself at home and enjoy.


1. Speculative fiction is a form of horror.

Half True.

Speculative fiction
is a term, attributed to Robert Heinlein in 1941, that has come to be used to collectively describe works in the genres of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror. And, it means what is says which is:

Speculative Definition:
Pertaining to, of the nature of, or characterized by speculation, contemplation, conjecture, or abstract reasoning. A speculative approach. To be theoretical, rather than practical.

Fiction Definition:
A class of literature comprising works of imaginative narration, especially in prose form. Literary works of the class of novels or short stories derived from fictional premises. Something feigned, invented, or imagined; a made-up story .

In essence, all this is saying is that the story is not based on facts, so the conclusion is speculated.

2. The grammar rules in modern writing have relaxed so significantly that you see more publications than not filled with common mistakes, such as spelling and punctuation.


As a matter of fact, Grammar Rules have hardened even more so lately BECAUSE of the publications that are filled with common mistakes. Did you know that the Department of Education has decided that due to the overuse of exclamation points in today’s literature, we are now only able to use it sparely. HERE is an interesting article about that.

3. The people who are the harshest critics on books do it because they are individuals who couldn’t cut it being a writer.

This is neither true nor false. This, my dears, is subjective.

There are a wide array of reasons why some people are harsh critics. If I were to be completely candid, no one reason is right or wrong. People are simply people and they like what they like, and think what they think.

4. There is a growing trend of authors ceasing to price their works at ninety-nine cents.


And can I tell you something, I don’t blame them! There are so many elements that take play in this new trend, the most popular is the fact that authors only get, LITERALLY, cents on the dollar for every book they sell. So, when a book is priced at $0.99, the author is only getting back about $0.12 in royalties from each book sold. That’s harsh, if you ask me.

5. The most popular way that readers connect with authors they like is through Social Media.


As much as I’ve grown to have a love-hate relationship with Social Media, the truth of the matter is that, YES, it is still the number one way to grow your audience. So, if you’re a new author looking to get noticed, I hope and pray that you have SOME Social Media savvy, your gonna need it.