Poetry Unleashed Feature Issue 20: Metempsychosis

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Hello Readers, Writers, and Precious Patrons. In this edition of “Poetry Unleashed”, All Authors decided to vary from its typical formula of having a poet interview. This go around, All Authors got together and decided on a poetry collection that fit the theme of Metempsychosis.


The book selected is the anthology Words of Fire and Ice, presented by Durham Editing and E-books. The very blurb is a gateway to what one can expect in this collection:

Blurb (excerpt)

Lose yourself in the full range of human emotions. Happy, sad, up, down: you will soar through the sky and plummet into the deepest despair, all through the words of fire and ice contained in these pages.

Twenty-two authors from various genres came together, giving their own interpretations to the role that emotions play in poetry. Here are snippets to some of the contributors’ responses to that query:

“Poetry is like a flood. The words roll and tumble and gather steam, building to a crescendo until the waves crash and cover the landscape, leaving everything gasping for air.” ~ Patrick Durham

“Dealing and becoming aware of my emotions, both negative and positive, through my poetry, helped me to get a better insight of who I am and the way I’m evolving.”~ Natasha Turner

“Poetry is all emotion.” ~ Mellissa Black

“Emotion raises conscience. At the moments of happiness and suffering, all existence of human beings gathers at one point. Therefore, my poetry benefits from this conscience till the end.”~ Muesser Yeniay

Yet, the most telling opinion of what Words of Fire and Ice symbolize is this:

“Poetry is the body and emotions are the vital organs to sustain its life. Poetry serves as the escape when other things fall apart. Poetry saved my life, and I believe in poetry’s ability to provide healing. The power in poetry is to tackle all areas of the emotional spectrum, the good and the unpleasant, for that is real. That is life.” ~♠