A Queen’s Ramblings Issue 20: Metempsychosis


A Small Trinket of Joy

Hello and Happy 2017. Welcome to A Queen’s Ramblings. Today, I want to share a personal story that ties into the magazine’s theme of “Metempsychosis”.


Life is never all happiness nor is it all misery. There has to be some type of balance: that is the thought which keeps me going day-to-day.

In October 2011, two of my feline companions—Franklin Alexander and Colby Jack Cheddar—died. Their losses hit me hard. I owned both of them since they were one year and six months, respectively. Five months prior, a cat named Ma-Maow was dropped off at my residence. I was told by his owners that they would come back for him once they moved to a home which was pet friendly.

Ma-Maow was the survivor out of the travesty which hit the trio.

A couple of weeks after Colby and Fraklin’s passing, Ma-Maow became friendlier. Before, he was a bit hesitant. Perhaps one could chalk it up to too many male cats in one spot. Ma-Maow could have been holding out for his previous humans to return. Whatever the case, he came into his own—discovering his favorite spots and picking out a new human.

Once I got past my double whammy of grief (I lost my grandfather the same month Ma-Maow was dropped off), the cat grew on me. However, I kept in the back of my mind that his old masters could come back, to keep me from getting too clingy.

The old owners never returned.


A couple of weeks before my birthday in 2016, Ma-Maow passed away. His curiosity for yummy items more suited for human consumption proved to be his downfall. Procuring another animal was not at the top of my list, opting to give myself time to grieve.

Someone else had a different idea.


September 10th, 2016

My roommate mysteriously disappeared for a few hours. I didn’t think anything of it but busied myself with other things. The plans of before had fallen through but I did not let that discourage me. This month, around this time, was much better than what took place last year.

Just when I was thinking of doing a text check in, such as “Hey are you okay?” she and her sweetheart at the time arrived. They both instructed me to close my eyes. When I opened them, there was this little ball of brown fur. Truth be told, at first, I believed it was a hamster. I was going to inquire why I was given a hamster.


The mystery was solved when she told me, “It’s a kitten. His name is Tyrion.”

I’ve never seen a feline that tiny. The youngest I’d been around was six months—this guy was just coming out of the womb. It was awkward—I was almost scared to hold the kitty. Apparently, Tyrion was the survivor out of his litter, as well as being the smallest one.

Another side wondered if it was too soon. Would having a life within a couple of weeks of another’s passing be disrespectful to the dead? I moved to make the statement, but Tyrian looked at me with those big eyes and started purring. Suddenly, I could not speak.


Never judge a person by his circumstances. That also applies to animals.

Each day, Tyrion amazes me. He is a hybrid of all the cats who labeled me “their human”. He possesses Colby’s thirst for trouble making and adventure. He possesses Franklin’s palate and Ma-Maow’s tendency to hide when he doesn’t want to be discovered.


Tyrion has taught me that I should not place a time on the resurrection of joy, for time is a fleeting entity. When positivity arrives, cultivate the trait and sprinkle it throughout.


What traits or people provide you with positivity? Send your answers to allauthorsmag@allauthorspp.com with “Metempsychosis” as the subject line. Your response could be  used in a future issue.