Unleashed Feature Issue 19

Issue 19: Layers of Longevity

Unleashed Feature

Hello Readers, Writers, and Precious Patrons. Welcome to the Unleashed Feature segment of All Authors Magazine. For this Issue of All Authors Magazine we are taking a closer look at “Neo-Lystically Speaking” by Mo’Kha Uzuri.

Mo’Kha Uzuri

The theme for Issue 19 is “Layers of Longevity”. What does that theme mean to you?

When I read this question I can’t help but think of fall fashion. I love this season simply because of the layers of clothing I can wear. It is another way I express my creativity and individuality. In regards to my body of work I would say it is how I approach each aspect of writing, from poetry, short stories to novels and blogs, they are layers of my creative expression upon which I hope to build a legacy that spans across decades.

Recently, Amazon has made changes that have made it difficult for readers to post reviews. There are even authors who reported reviews disappearing from their books. How do you feel about these changes and does that impact your decision to use them for future projects?

Ultimately, I think it would be foolish to abandon Amazon altogether. Personally, I use multiple printing sources to avoid the negative impact of the aforementioned issue. Over the past 7 years I have built a solid following outside of Amazon, however it does lead me to consider other promotional options for upcoming publications.

Random Question #1: Log cabin deep in the woods or a secluded island for relaxation?

This is a no brainer…secluded island.

In your bio, you mention the creation of a cultural internet show. Please provide a bit more details as to what the show is all about.

I created the cultural show “Neo-Lystically Speaking” on blogtalk radio about 6 years ago. I wanted to create a platform to help highlight some of the talented writers, poets and singers I networked with over the years. During the show’s brief run, we were able to interview and feature some amazing talent. I have often considering giving it another try but my schedule just doesn’t allow for the extra time.

Do you find the move from poetry and prose to storytelling challenging or is it a natural progression for you?

Expand on your answer. Honestly it is like breathing. I know that is an extremely cliche answer but it’s my truth. I have such a profound love for every aspect of the artform. Each form of creative expression is a large part of my artistic identity. I couldn’t be without either.

How did you get started in being a motivational speaker and consultant?

Like most African American girls my speech training began in church. I have always had a gift of gab. So much so, it kept me in trouble during my early school years. It was a natural transition to move from spoken word to words of encouragement to ultimately motivational speaking. After I was ordained as a minister, it became clear to me that so many people needed inner healing. For the majority of my adult life I’d been the one my friends and family members would call for advice. It didn’t matter if it was how to start a business or personal issues, I was the one they called upon. I love being able to infuse all the gifts I’ve been blessed with into my life’s work.

Random Question #2: How many books are in your to-do list, and are they all one genre or multiple genres?

I have a few on my list. The biggest challenge is finding the time to read. It’s so sad, once upon a time all I did was read. Sometimes I’d read two books at once, but lately it’s been difficult finding the time..

Tell us about your upcoming projects.

You have no idea how loaded this question is right now…lol! I am currently working on several projects within multiple genres. It is my goal to publish my first spiritual book in 2017 along with my first Christian-Fiction novel. I’m also putting together a journal series and a new collection of poetry and prose…whew! I have been working on some of these projects for at least 3 years. I like to take my time but I guess that’s obvious. Of all the projects I’m working on, I’m super excited about the journal series. I’ve had this dream for quite sometime but I had difficulty figuring out how to publish the books as well as formatting the interior. Needless to say that issue has been resolved.

What do you think are the keys to having longevity on a personal and professional level?

I believe authenticity plays a huge part in having longevity on both levels. When we are true to ourselves, we’re able to make genuine connections.

Out of all the roles you serve, which role do you feel is the most important and why?

Hands down it is ministry. It takes precedence over everything including my creative expression. Why? Because ultimately we all need to see love expressed in its purest form.

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