True or False Issue 19

True or False?



Holiday themed books always do better towards the end of the year than other titles.


While some people love to feel merry all year long, for the most part, Holiday Themed books do better towards that time of the year. It is around the Holidays that people choose to give Holiday Themed books as gifts. Particularly children’s books.

One way to fight off writer’s block is to do small creative writing exercises.


Writer’s Block can be very hard to overcome. However, one way to combat the effects of Writer’s Block to is do small creative writing exercises when you are in the trenches of it. Sometimes blogging helps. Blogging doesn’t always have to be about your books, it can honestly be about anything. How your day went, what is on your mind, what you think about anything, really.

Soon the Writer’s Block will clear and you’ll see yourself getting back to what you love … producing books.

It is often better to read the book first before watching a movie on which a book is based.


While avid readers prefer to read the book first, and many times over prefer the book to the movie, this by no means implies that reading the book first is better. Sometimes, watching the movie before reading the book can help form a better image in your mind of the characters, scenery and premise. This is especially true for those people who like to have a visual prompt of things.

Traditional authors are now resorting to using indie venues to promote their product, which leads to less exposure and decrease in sales for the indie author.


This is an unfortunate truth. But, if we are to be completely objective and honest, many Traditionally Published authors have no choice. You see, many Traditionally Published authors are being picked up by smaller Houses, who many times do not offer the benefits that bigger Houses offer, leaving the author with little to no choice. Also, many of the smaller Houses ask the author to do his/her own footwork, which also translate into them looking for Indie Market tools to get their books noticed.

Then, if we look at the readers’ angle; many readers are more prone to purchasing Traditionally Published books because, due to the decline in excellence in the Indie Market, Traditionally Published books offer a better reading experience.

All of this translates into a decrease in sales for the Indie Market.

Readers don’t have to have an original theme, as long as the recycled theme is presented in a fresh and interesting way.


This is true and it’s for one simple reason:

Most readers have their preferred genre. Typically, books within that genre follow a formula. It is that formula that readers are looking for, which is why they enjoy books inside of that genre.

However, if the formula is presented in a new and innovative way, then that is both beneficial to the author and interesting to the reader because it gives them a brand new experience with the genre.