Intro Issue 19

Longevity Thrives

As the ocean waves beat against the expanse of the shore …

As the breeze wafts swiftly across the planes …

As the night sky never fails to illuminate the magnificence of the moon …

As the laughter of a child never falters in bringing a smile to the face of an elder …

As years pass and time flows by, longevity thrives.

The layers of longevity are not seen in the numbers of the feats but in the constancy of the fight.

Three years ago I never would have imagined that All Authors would be where it is today.

I would be lying if I said that many times I didn’t want to throw in the towel, for I was frustrated with the lack of vision from my fellow writers.

I wanted and yearned for so much more as it pertained to the lividity of the writing world. I had a dream greater than what my heart could contain. And when I shared that dream and authors failed to grasp the depth of it, I flustered and I pained.

Had it not been for the relentless support of my Right Hand, All Authors Magazine would no longer be in existence.

We’ve gone through so many changes; columnists, articles, shifting of thoughts and style. But one thing remains unchanged—the desire to move forward. In time, while few, I found columnists that shared my vision and saw what All Author Magazine could provide for the literary world. When I did, things changes. New life spawned from what rubble remains and All Authors Magazine was born again. Longevity is the power to push forward, be loyal and stay true to your dreams.

My dream was to unite the literary world and bring to reader’s finger tips the ability to traverse universes untold, all through the words of another.

That is precisely what All Authors Magazine has done.

Via author interviews, informative articles, short stories, true testimonies, guest speakers and so much more, All Authors Magazine has become the one thing that was missing inside of the Literary Market. A platform of unification. It doesn’t matter if your are Indie Published or Traditional, it does not matter what language you speak or what your political views are. It matters not what your sexuality is or what your genre preference is … ALL THAT MATTERS is our unanimous love for books and the desire to see them thrive.

For that I want to thank you, dear reader, for your loyalty to what we bring. Thank you for celebrating 3 years with us.



We would like to take a moment and thank the participants of this issue of All Authors Magazine, who are as follows:

Sylvia Stein
Coffee Time Author Interviews

“Spindle” by Shonna Slayton
Awesome Covers

Featured Book

Mo’Kha Uzuri
Poetry Unleashed

And of course, our beloved columnists for this issue:

A. Lopez, Jr.
Harmony Kent
Beem Weeks

C. Desert Rose
Adonis Mann

Queen of Spades
Y. Correa

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