Drive By Reviews Issue 19

Issue 19: Layers of Longevity

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Adonis Mann


Greetings and welcome once again to my Drive By Reviews. Today, for your viewing pleasure, I’ve decided to look at a YA Fantasy Fiction by an esteemed friend of mine and fellow columnist, C. Desert Rose. For your consideration, I would like to present you with “Nethanyel’s Lady Lune”.

Disclaimer: All my reviews are objective and without prejudice.

Now, without further ado, “Nethanyel’s Lady Lune” by C. Desert Rose.


Title: Nethanyel’s Lady Lune
Author: C. Desert Rose
Genre: YA Fantasy
Available At: Amazon


Even the moon has secrets …

Traversing the globe—from Louisiana, USA to New Zealand—on an enterprise to discover the hidden secrets of the moon, Nethanyel finds that everything may not be as it seems. Accompanied by a consequential companion named Jax, Nethanyel is taken to a place … even a time … that he would have never expected.

Set in the year 1940, is Nethanyel’s Lady Lune exploration, fate or both?

My Thoughts:

In my opinion Nethanyel, the main character of this story, is the perfect example of tenacity, which consequently coincides enormously with this issue of All Authors Magazine.

I realize that I’ve gotten ahead of myself a tad, as I tend to do more frequently than not, however I just found the connecting highly coincidental and refreshing.

Now, a little bit about the story.

Nethanyel is the quintessential New Orleans gentleman. Quiet, contained, thoughtful, but most of all, single by choice. Nethanyel much rather spends his evening enjoying a cold brew at the local bar, than courting potential lady conquests. Hiding inside of his placid appearance is a yearning that Nethanyel cannot altogether contain. This fascination manifests in the form of his admiration for the moon.

One day, Nethanyel is quietly enjoying his nightly drink when a drunk stranger stumbles in and changes his life forever.

Embarking on an adventure across the broad ocean, Nethanyel and Jax’s relationship blossoms in the archetype of Hero & Sidekick.

In complete objectivity, I would say that the bulk of my enjoyment was had in the camaraderie between Nethanyel and Jax. While the love story element was also there, it took 2nd stage to the friendship that bloomed and the discoveries that were made.

Rona, who appears later on in the story, is a powerful female lead with a soft side. She is a riveting combination of feral and civil.

I suppose the philosopher in me is taken by the idea of human endurance and perseverance, even when disillusion threatens to break one’s resolve. We were made, molded and nurtured to be steadfast in our desires and move forward no matter what devastation might occur. This story is a great example of that.

I give “Nethanyel’s Lady Lune” 4.5 Stars.