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Coffee Time Author Interview

Hello Readers, Writers and Precious Patrons.

In this issue of All Authors Magazine, we bring you an interview with Sylvia Stein. Before we start the interview, here is more about the author.

Author Sylvia Stein
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  1. Sylvia, welcome to All Authors Magazine. We’re excited to have you with us today. To begin, tell us a little about how your writing journey began.

Thank you for having me and so happy I could be here at Authors Magazine. My writing journey began since I was about five years old. I had always loved writing and creating stories which would transport me to other worlds and create new and exciting characters. Then, I got older, I began going into teaching and kind of placed it on the back burner. Then in 2011 I got back into due to a Writer’s group I joined through Linked in 750 this led me back to writing, and I knew this was the path I was supposed to be on. I then enrolled in Southern New Hampshire University and earned a Master’s Degree in English and Creative Writing and began working on Several Anthologies and this eventually led me to begin working on my books as an Indie Author.

chasingclarity-amzn-32. A lot of authors have chosen do self-publish their books, as an indie author yourself, what led you to make the decision to self-publish? Well, I wanted to self-publish as an Indie Author so I could bring my work to other readers and also have control over my work. I have learned so much about the self-publishing world, and one thing I will say is you have to have a passion for writing and showing other readers who you are. This is why I love being an Indie Author.

3. Random Question #1 If a movie was made about your life, which actress would you choose to play your role and why? Wow, this is a good question. Well if there was ever a movie about my life I think I would love for Gina Rodriguez to play me I love her Sass and how she plays a writer on her hit show. If not, I would love for Drew Barrymore played me I have always loved her, and I think she is one phenomenal actress.

4. You’ve written two books, Closure, and Chasing Clarity. Out of the two of them, which one is your favorite? Yes, I have written both of these books. I do not think I have a favorite of the two. I love both books, and each of them brings about a message. For example, Closure tells the story of Sara James and her estrangement with her father Garrison James who turns to alcohol and becomes abusive when Sara’s mother passes. I connected with her, and this was a book that began as a short story in my first creative writing class at SNHU. Then Chasing Clarity, I began writing during National Novel Month back in November 2013. I had this idea for this story when a beloved character on a hit show I watched passed on. I began thinking of those he left behind and then Chasing Clarity came. It told the story of Mia Gerard and how she lost her one true love Leo Dancy and how she could not deal with his loss. She is a dancer who was supposed to fulfill her dreams in New York. Then the story unravels from there. I am proud of both stories.

5. I understand, you’ve written several articles for The Huffington Post. How did the opportunity come about and what was it like writing for them? Yes, I have written now 15 articles for The Huffington Post Blog as a contributor. Well, I had always wanted to write for them. This was something I had always said I wanted to do since I began at Southern New Hampshire. I wanted to share advice for Writers as Tips also bring Author Interviews and share them with other readers. I presented it as a pitch on their blog a couple of times. However, this summer I began doing more research on how to write for The Huffington Post blog and I emailed Ariana Huffington to her personal email. I sent her an email telling her what I wanted to do with the example then I heard back from her within a week right before my birthday this was so exciting. I still have the email. She said they would love to have me and copied the editor and then I began working on the Huffington post Blog since late June, and I could not be happier. I believe if you work towards something it can be done.

6. Random Question #2 If you could collaborate with any author, who would you choose and why? Wow, this is a hard one because they are so many. I would love to work with my Indie authors. For example, Carol Cassada, she is a fabulous writer and wonderful person. Also, another very talented writer she is from Devon in the Uk, Chrissie Parker. I had a chance to work with some pretty talented ones on an Anthology which will be out this October 1st, 2016 on Domestic Violence and to bring awareness to this cause. All the proceeds will go towards it But as I said there are too many authors and new ones out there I would love to have the opportunity to closure-amazoncollaborate with someday.

7. I heard you’re writing a prequel to your first book, Closure. Did you always plan to write a prequel or did it just come about? I was not planning on one, but I had my readers ask me about Garrison, and they wanted to know more about him, so this is why I began to write his story. I am excited to bring it to all of you.

8. You live in the city of Fuquay-Varina, NC. Can you describe what the city is like and what do you love most about it? I love living in Fuquay Varina NC it is a town in The City of Raleigh NC, and we are in the country and what I love is the calmness of it and also how friendly the people are. My husband Jeremy and my kids also love it too.

9. Aside from being an author, you’re also a wife and mother. If you could, do you mind sharing a little bit about your family? Yes, this is my most important role. My husband Jeremy Stein is a wonderful man. He is my biggest fan along with my kids. He is an amazing father and works very hard. He works as a Heating and Air Install Manager and tech. He is such a hard worker but loving man, my kids I love them so much too my oldest is 11 his name is Paul, and he just started middle school. My other son Michael is 10, and he is in 5th grade, and our little girl named after my beloved grandmother’s name is Consuelo (Connie for short will be 7th this coming October 2nd she is in first grade. They all are a blessing, and I love them all. We love spending time together. We plan trips and go out to eat and just enjoy our time with one another. We are very blessed.

10. Random Question #3 What’s your favorite movie of all time? Wow, another good one but my favorite movie of all time will always be The Wizard of Oz. I love the line when Glinda tells Dorothy, “You had the power all along. After she says the lines, “There is no place like home. Like Dorothy, my grandmother was someone we could always count on after my mother got divorced and we went to live with my grandparents. They helped us so much, but it was my grandmother who was like the Aunt Em figure that always stood out in that movie for me.

Thank you for having me.